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The market is a challenging - yet lucrative - arena for massive wealth creation. With the advent of Robinhood and zero dollar commission trades across the board, retail investors - for the first time ever - have access to Wall Street's ultimate wealth creator.


I believe that now more than ever retail investors have the opportunity to make their mark on the investment world.


We've earned a ticket to the big leagues and have the ability to beat the professionals at their own game.

How so?

The market is not a winner take all free-for-all. In the end of the day, it is a zero sum game with someone inevitably on the wrong side of the trade. 


Don't be that person.


To win at investing, you have to take advantage of the market inefficiencies that exist at a grand scale. 


Passive investing, general market frothiness, and "stonk market" enthusiasts have propelled popular stocks to excessive valuations and have left real gems - with true intrinsic value - hiding beneath the surface. 

It's up to the prudent value investor, trading with conviction and a large margin of safety, to seize these incredible wealth-generating opportunities. 

Join me on my quest to market excellence.


Join me in creating, defining, and executing the ultimate Retail's Edge. 

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